Saturday, 28 July 2012

2 Dozen Steps to building a Positive Personality

1 Accept responsibility
2 Show consideration for others - thoughtfulness shows a caring attitude
3 Think win-win
4 Choose your words carefully – spoken words cannot be retrieved
5 Don’t criticize and complain unnecessarily
6 Smile and be kind
7 Put a positive interpretation on other people’s behavior
8 Be a good listener
9 Be enthusiastic
10 Give honest and sincere appreciation
11 Accept mistakes immediately and willingly
12 Discuss but don’t argue
13 Don’t gossip
14 Turn your promises into commitments
15 Be grateful but do not expect gratitude
16 Be dependable and practice loyalty
17 Forgive and forget – avoid bearing grudges
18 Practice honesty, integrity and sincerity
19 Practice humility
20 Be courteous
21 Develop a sense of humor
22 To have a friend, be a friend
23 Don’t be sarcastic and put others down
24 Show empathy