Monday, 15 April 2013

Belated and Advance Happy Birthday to April's- Modukuru's

We wish Belated and Advance Happy Birthday to :-

1.)Alla Mahendra Reddy -April 2nd
2.) konda Venu Gopal Reddy -April 08th
3.) Aparna -April 09th
4.) Kesari Raja Sekhara Reddy -April 14th

5.) Annapareddy Sridhar Reddy(Zensor, Pune) -April 16th
6.) Deepak Reddy - April 16th
7.) Vasu Tadivaka - April 18th
8.) China Babu Jaladi - April 18th
9.) Supraja Tiyyagura - April 21st
10.) Vasu Reddy(23 years) -April 21st
11.) Srinivas Rao Tadivaka - April 23rd
12.) Sudhakara Reddy (26 years) -April 24th
13.) Rami Reddy Annapareddy -April 25th
14.) G Sunil Reddy -April 28th
15.) Kadakuduru Sai Kishore - April 28th
 16.) Krishna Priya (Pune) -April 29th

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Happy Birthday to Kesari Raja Sekhara Reddy and Lakshmi Srinivas Perikala -14th April 13

Dear Kesari Raja Sekhara Reddy Perikala Lakshmi Srinivas ,

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day
DOB - 14th April

Dasara 2012 Video CCN =Cheroblu Cable Network channel on 14th or 15th April at 6PM

We are sorry for 7th April, the Dasara 2012 Video was not telecasted. we are trying to be done 14th or 15th April.
Please keep watching CCN =Cheroblu Cable Network channel on 14th or 15th April at 6PM onwards

Note:- If any date/time changes we will update the same.

Modukuru village photos 13th April 2013

Friday, 12 April 2013

Modukuru Village photos - 12th April 2013