Saturday, 22 March 2014

Village deveploment...need ur help...!

Village deveploment...need ur help...!
Hi All,

We are planning to restart our Mathrubhoomi Charity program's for the year 2014-15.
We are planning for education and some other culture programs....which are useful.
For this we required money/funds. The collected money will be used for village development/culture programs.
We will update the details soon/later.

We are the four members (M Krishna...
Reddy, Kondamadugula Sudhakar Reddy, Kesari Raja Sekhar Reddy & B Raja Sekhar Reddy) had done some charity activities at modukuru along with some other team members. Now we want to extend the charity, we need your help...!

We required money and volunteers. Please don't think -tive. At least once in a month or year we can do volunteering for our village.
Your ideas/plans are welcome.

Those who are interested can join the group- Mathrubhoomi Charity-Modukuru in Facebook.
we are requesting to give your valuable suggestions/feedback upon this.

Note: - No caste feelings/political.

This is for Modukuru village people only others please ignore
some comments in facebook post:-
1.) Krishna Saranya Hi We should register our organization as a charity organization and get the bank account.then we can ask people to donate funds to this.
We can show the funds status and usage on our website. We have to to tax savings on donation funds who are donati
ng so people also will be interested i hope. this organization information of funds should be open book for every one from our website.
Thats what my thought bcoz why should people trust people witnessed lot of things like that.for ex take our kalyana madapam which is constructing from my childhood still its not completed. I am sorry to tell this was.if I hurt anyone I am sorry.its purely my personal thoughts.
2.)Alla Bhaskar Reddy hi fnds ,make a group who are interested to work together for our village, register a organization as Krishna said make rules & regulations for utilization of money really needs like 1 poor students, old mans& women, medical treatments,plantation like dat. (for to avoid miss usage of money) awareness programs on cleaning surroundings ,drains systems ,food feeding for child,
please write us -