Monday, 1 September 2014

1st September 2013 EENADU SUNDAY BOOK..maa -

Hello Everyone,

It gives me immense pleasure to remind that our village website( was published in Eenadu Sunday Magazine last year on the same day- September 1st 2013. 

Attachment name "Photo_4.JPEG" - you can find about website.

Few thoughts about our website content:

1) Few people suggested to upload all Modukuru peoples contact details in the website but we are not going to share the contacts as they may be misused.

2) We are going to update the following contact details in the websites - Schools Principals and Teachers, Ward members, Gram Panchyat, Andhra Bank, President and Government Officers,Hostels, Hospital, etc...

3) We got appreciation from people staying outside our village for the Street pictures in our website.So we are planning to retake the village street Pictures for this Dasara again. We will cover all streets this time (last time we almost covered 90%). For this we need photography volunteers and 4 digital cameras. If anyone is interested, Please reply to email.

4) Everyone is more than welcome to post their marriage or any other personal function invites in Modukuru website.You need to send the details one week before to us.

5) We will also post this year's Dasara pictures to the website as we did last year.

Please share your valuable suggestions.

- Modukuru Team