Friday, 20 February 2015

Modukuru Dasara Videos

Monday, 16 February 2015

Radha Beauty care @ Modukuru

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dasara 2014 video DVD's copies now available at Modukuru..

Dasara 2014 video DVD's copies now available at Modukuru..
1.) Kondamadugula Jagan Mohan Reddy garu, cell 7382153260
2.) Gopalakrishna Reddy Annapareddy
3.) Annapareddy srinivas reddy, cell 9959812865
4.) Annapareddy Lakshmi Narayana Reddy (pardha, chandu)
5.) Challa Venkat Reddy (milk)
6.) Gayam Srinivasa Reddy (railway)
7.) Kantharao garu
8.) Veera Reddy cable TV
9.) Katturi papaiah, Kandepadu
10.) Shiva Raami Reddy Annapareddy (chenna reddy late)

At Guntur-one copy is available at Vidhya nagar 3rd line, 6th cross, Guntur. Contact name Nagi Reddy garu cell 9440794766.

The video is presented by Mr. Alla. S. R. K. Reddy & Hemalatha garu, Hyd.

Later the video will be telecast in CCN local cable TV.

Update-- 9th March 2015:-

Some people complaint us Dasara 2014 DVD is not opening/ not able to see full DVD in laptop. Please find below how to see in laptop-

Go to CD 1, 2, 3, 4 --> VIDEO_TS--> Select VIDEO_TS (TYPE- VLC media file(.ifo)). . try to open the file type having .ifo
please don't open the below file names having .vob in each DVD:-
VTS-02_0 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-01_0 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-02_1 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-02_2 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-02_3 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-02_4 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-01_0 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-01_1 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-01_2 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-01_3 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)
VTS-01_4 (TYPE- VLC media file(.vob)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bysani Siva Sarath Chand 7th Feb 15 Marriage invite

This is an Marriage invite to Bysani Siva Sarath Chand family members/ friends and nearby.