Thursday, 29 October 2015

Modukuru Village looking for change

Copied from Gmail:-

Dear friends,

I was following the mails from Modukuru for quite a long time. After a long silence, I thought of sharing few of my opinions / ideas which may be useful to you.

a.       Village development activities:

I am understanding that, all of you team members are away from the Village due to employment or business or studies or what so ever, and trying to do some good jobs for the village. And the people in village may not be actively participating or participants from the village are few only.

If this is true, in my opinion this kind of system may be difficult to sustain for longer time, you team may lose interest for over a period of time.

This should not be like a leader team always trying to take a lead and others may be spectators.

You need to create a team in the village itself who should be active (mixture of elders, young and children) who stay in village and work like a R S S (Rashtriya Swayam Sevak). You team should support them and motivate them. Else, You will be always pushing the people who may not like too after some time.  

The village team should be of a continuous process. Those who retire / leave village for different reasons should be replaced from village itself.

For this, there are various processes and can be discussed.

b.      Donations

If I am not wrong, for most of the activities team is depending up on donations. Too many donations (even for good causes) will make the people to lose interest (You must have already experienced if I am not wrong).

For this we need to create such process that there should be one fund which will be controlled by Village committee itself. The committee should generate the Corpus fund through onetime fee for membership in the group, and arrange some other income generation sources for every month etc., The big corpus fund should not be touched frequently and all activities shall be taken care through the interest and other self generation sources. So that, the group / association can become self sustain without depending up on frequent donations.

c.       Mosquito’s Problem:

You can have machine and Powder for this. But, think how many days you can do this! This need good amount of money, labor and maintenance for the same. I am not saying don’t buy, but the machine and powder should be a temporary and short gap arrangement only.

There are natural mosquito repellant plants which can be grown in the garden as well inside the house (in flower pots). You distribute these plants at free of cost or make every house hold to buy these plants. For this, we can discuss with any of the nursery and even we can collect some fund for the association in return we give such business for them.

These kind of solutions doesn’t need recurring expenses, labor and maintenance.

Of course, the plants solution is besides your Swacha Bharat and keeping the premises clean.

d.      Successful and smooth operation of group

The secret of success for these kind of activities is involve as many people as possible from Village itself while respecting their age, experience and positions. You need to do a lot of balanced circus to satisfy the ego of the elders. For this, initially you need to do lot of homework in the village to gather and motivate the people.

With brain storming, lot of solutions can be findout.

Trust the above are useful.

With regards
Rajasekhara Reddy Kolli

+91 96769 01237