Monday, 19 October 2015

Our village looking for change/help/development

Our village looking for change/help/development.

Comments from our village people on facebook.

1.) Hi All, can we think about it, and plan for some development activities programs. (offcourse it include of money in lakhs. Without money no development will happen, some activitis we can do without money)

2.) no need to spend our money we need a strong leadership to question the politicians enough.

3.) yes..... we can.... oka dasara rojulona modukuru gruthuvacha.. perthi okariki.... edha maa manavi..... let join our hands together....... and fulfill our village.....

4.) please join our hands together......... fulfill our beautiful village....... please think and what to do  to change.... our village..... it's my humble request...... 

5.) sir maa village  lo internal groups unnaie... alanti media  vallanu vallu raniru.... kadha ee village valla thathala jagirula feel avutharu....... politics development  annadhi papers varka permeetham avuthundhi..... antho mandhi modukuru vallu ee fb lo unnaru Kani silly post la ki fb ni vadukovatam thappitha village gurinchi alochincha varu laru.... epitikina maa vallalo change ravalani oka chinna praythnam..... please my dear friends don't mind....... we have to change our village...... please..... join us

6.) Hi Modukuru guys, any one or two persons can come forward from each street and form a group (volunteering) and plan for our village future development activites?
Don't fear we will not ask ur money to form a group.

7.) This topic is not related Reddy/Naidu etc... Is related all caste people who is staying in Modukuru and outside modukuru. (No caste feeling) .

We know that on facebook and internet the development will not happen. We are updating/sharing the information to each corner of the world. 
It's time our village is looking for change/development.

It's all in our hands only, no one will come and do like mahesh babu recent movie.

8.) Elect the right president who is well educated and right ward please explain the right value of vote to people. not on caste basis.Automatically it will develop by each ward.

......village need your help/support