Saturday, 3 December 2016

PMKVY training for 10th fail & ITI/Diploma at St. Mary's Inst Guntur

PMKVY training for 10th fail & ITI/Diploma at St. Mary's Inst Guntur
Last date to apply -04th Dec 2016.

Modukuru/Tsunduru Roads updates - Nov 16

Modukuru - Tsunduru New Road Assurance given by MLA Nakka Ananda Babu garu - 28th Nov 2016 at Modukuru

Friday, 11 November 2016

Invite for Karthika Vanabhojanalu in Hyderabad on 20th Nov 2016

Invite for Modukuru village people's "Karthika Vana Bhojanalu" at Hyderabad.

Hello Everyone,
We are delighted to invite you and your family members to join us for "Karthika vanabhojanalu 2016" to have a refreshing picnic and relish the company of fellow Modukuru people in Hyderabad.
Location: Karthikavanam, T. S. Forest Academy, Dulapally village, Bhadurpally, Hyderabad. T. S.
(every year/old location only)
Route Map:-
1.) From Jedimetla bus depo: http://goo.gl/maps/xO6CG
2.) From Kukatpally: http://goo.gl/maps/sLq9P
3.) From Secunderabad: http://goo.gl/maps/zuUpW
Date: 20th Nov 2016 (3rd Sunday).
Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
Morning -Snacks/Tea
Introduction of everyone, Games and Cultural events...
Afternoon- Lunch
Evening- Games, Snacks,Tea...close at 05:00PM.
Commute: please come upto Jeedimetla bus depo by RTC bus and from there you can reach by auto/sharing auto.
Contact person:-
Mr. Annapareddy Siva Rama Krishna Reddy garu (ASRK/BUNGA REDDY), Cell: 9440054123.
Mr. A. Narsa Reddy-  7675883777
Mr. K. Sudhakar Reddy - 9000002666, 9160706070

Please inform this update to our village people staying at Hyderabad (i.e. Modukuru village people and relatives only).
Looking forward to have a great time with all of Modukuru village people in Hyderabad.

Facebook - Modukuru In
Email - modukuru.in@gmail.com

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Dasara 2016 Photos uploaded in Facebook ID- Modukuru In

Hi All,
Dasara 2016 Photos are uploaded in Facebook Id- Modukuru In
https://www.facebook.com/modukuru.in/photos_albums - need Facebook login

-Videos (2016 year) are uploaded/uploading/to be upload in youtube -search "Modukuru Dasara"
Note: Day -9 Video will take some time to upload.

Please don't see this website www.modukuru.com for new photos, most of the photos we are uploading on Facebook only. 

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Live Modukuru Dasara 2016

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

V. Z. P. High School Modukuru ground need help

Hi All,
Our village V. Z. P. High school ground need to be level with gravel:-
Guntur dt Softball team got continues 3 times gold medal, 3 students selected from our school.
Annapareddy Jagadeswara Reddy and Kavi Amar are coaches; playing a key role to win all the games.
The softball team not have proper ground to practice. Earlier (Aug 2016) they planned to practice at Brahmanapalli village, but when they are ready the rain came and ground was filled with rain water...after that situation they came to our village for practice...finally they win gold medal held in Macherla Sep 2016.
Our village school ground is better compare with other schools, but need some tracking levels./height to increase..
For first step to make ground leveling it will cost minimum Rs 15,000/-
Aug/Sep 2016 కురిసిన వానకి మడుగులా అయిపోయింది ఇక్కడ చదివిన పిల్లలు,1960 నుండి నాకు తెలిసి మనకి సాఫ్ట్ బాల్ ఆటకి మంచి పేరు ఉంది క్రీడాకారుల కోటాలో చాలామంది ఉద్యోగాలు సాధించారు భావి తరాలు కూడా బాగుండాలి అంటే ఇంక చాలామంది క్రీడాకారుల్ని తయారుచేయాలి ఇప్ప్డుగనుక గ్రౌండ్ బాగుచేయిస్తే జిల్లా జోన్ అవుతుంది తద్వారా మనవూరికి మంచి గుర్తింపు వస్తుంది
---By Annapareddy Shiv Rami Reddy
Need your support to make this for our high school. Those who are interested please deposit/transfer to below account :-
Bank details -
Annapareddy Rami Reddy
SBI Bank, Morrispet branch, Tenali, Guntur dt. A. P
A/C no 30382699032
IFSC Code SBIN0001965
Cell: 9246984888 (whats app)
*****Your Suggestions are welcome *****

1) This message is only for Modukuru people.
2) After transfer please message or whats app.
3) We have not registered any NGO, so we are unable to give you bill under 80c.
Looking forward..!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Digital Survey in Modukuru

Digital Survey is on going in Modukuru village (Aug/Sep 16). Those who are staying outside..please call your parents/friends and know more details, and plan your jouney...need all family members present...

In this survey they will do:-
1.) Collect all your family members details...age/education qualification/present job/income per year/... eye test...bank account details (all members) gas connection...ration card...pan card....

2.) They will take photos and finger prints by tab/tablet..
3.) contact person Somi Reddy cell 9000450168. He is coming from pitllavari palem...

Main reason for this survey is to know the income of all family members...to cut ration card and pension....
Last date in modukuru is 10th Sep...next you have to go to Tenali or chebrolu camps...

Monday, 29 August 2016

BHEL Recruitment - Hyderabad

Bhel Recruitment . Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Ramachandrapuram, Hyderabad released employment news and invited online applications through careers.bhel.in.As per the notification BHEL – Hyderabad is going recruit 800 Artisan Posts in Heavy Power Equipment Plant located in Ramachandrapuram, HYD. The last date to apply online for these posts is 5th October, 2016/2017-2016.
Artisan : 800 Post
Vacancy Details:
Machinist -245
Turner -164
Fitter -285
Blacksmith -5
Welder -59
Carpenter -5
Electrician -37
Age Limit : 27 years
Qualifications: National Trade Certificate or National Apprenticeship Certificate in the respective trade.
Pay Scale : During the 1 year training period the selected candidates will be paid Rs. 11,000/- as stipend. After successful completion of training they will be absorbed in scale Rs. 11,700 to Rs. 23,000/-
Application Process:
Candidates eligible and desirous can apply online by visitingwww.bhelhyderabad.com or careers.bhel.in on or before 5th October, 2016/2017-2016. Upon online application the system generated acknowledgement slip along with required copies of documents to “The Post Bag No.9, Mukhya Dak Ghar, BHEL RC Puram HE, Hyderabad-502032” so as to reach on or before 12th October, 2016/2017-2016.
1. Commencement of On-line submission of Application -14.09.2016/2017-2016
2. Closing of On-line submission of Applications 05.10.2016/2017-2016
3. Last date for receipt of Acknowledgement Slips along with other documents at BHEL Hyderabad 12.10.2016/2017-2016
4. Last date for receipt of acknowledgement slips from far flung areas at BHEL Hyderabad 17.10.2016/2017-2016
5. Downloading of permission slips from website w.e.f 28.10.2016/2017-2016 onwards
6. Date proposed for Written Test_(Tentative) 10.11.2016/2017-2016

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Dr Reddy's recruitment Drive at Guntur- for Inter completed students

Dr Reddy's recruitment Drive for TTs (10+2) : 01st September '16 ( Thursday) : Hindu College, Guntur, A. P

Friday, 19 August 2016

Guntur looking/calling for Volunteer's

Guntur looking/calling for Volunteer's:-
Those who are staying in Guntur or nearby city, please be a part of this Margam-Guntur volunteering activity.
Let's see clean and green Guntur in future.
Volunteer's like this page and see the contact no and be in touch for future activities.
Note: No money will be paid for volunteers.

www.modukuru.com reached 93,513 total pageviews

We are happy to announce that www.modukuru.com reached 93,513 total pageviews on 20th Aug 2016. We are nearer to reach 1 Lakh.
This website is open to everyone (Modukuru and nearby locations), you can share any update related to village programs/ or Tsunduru Mandal programs/ or any job vacancies/ or any blood requirement/ or educational information/ or share advance technologies.....anything which can be useful to others in our daily life.
Please share/send the information through FB or email - modukuru.in@gmail.com, we will update the information in our website with free of cost.
whats app no +91 9160706070 (Sudhakar Reddy)
(Request:- Please share/send us important and useful information only, please don't send your personal photos or god photos to us, you may have free time- but we are not free to waste our time)
Thanks for your support..!

Congratulations- P V Sindhu for Silver Medal to India Rio Olympics 2016

Golden girl with silver medal 🎖🎖🎖

Congratulations- P V Sindhu for Silver Medal to India 

in Rio Olympics 2016

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is an Indian professional badminton player. She is the first Indian Women to win a Olympic silver medal and is the fifth female Olympic medalist for India.



Thursday, 11 August 2016

Car safety driving rules/tips in India

Car safety driving rules in India
Tips to Help Stay Safe:-
"Check Vehicle condition particularly Brake, Tyre Presssure, Light, Horn Clutch before starting the vehicle for the day."

1.) Always wear your seat-belt
2.) Avoid distractions
3.) Never drive under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
4.) Stick within speed limits and follow the rules
5.) Maintain your car and use it properly
6.) Always look both ways when crossing the road
7.) When starting from parked place watch out, signal and then proceed.
8.) Never drive in haste: People often drive in haste and make mistakes. Drive calmly and try to take less traffic zone, if you think you are getting late.
9.) Fasten seat-belts: Cars have seat belts which should be fastened every time you drive. Seat belts protect you from getting banged on steering wheel or getting jolted from your seat at the time of sudden braking, it helps in saving the passengers during collision.
10.) Use mirrors: Develop habit of using mirror to see traffic coming from behind and sides as well. Find blind spot of your vehicle and make out how to pass other vehicles.
11.) Maintain space between vehicles: Avoid bumper to bumper driving to prevent collisions and close distances makes difficult in changing lanes. Maintain a car length distance; it will prevent banging or collision of the car by sudden braking. Keep your mind open and watch the traffic around you and drive according to the required speed. This will help you in controlling the car due to unexpected behaviour of other drivers.
12.) Maintaining Lane Drive: When you drive stick to right lane as far as possible especially around the curve, this prevents head-on –collisions. Going at the edge of the curve makes possibilities of tyres going off the road. Hence, when you drive maintain correct position of your car by seeing the width of the road and steepness too.
13.) Regular maintenance: Follow maintenance schedule regularly and give special attention to filters, brakes, tyre pressure and suspension. Coolants, level of fluids, lubricants, headlights, taillights, etc. as all these are simple things but helps in safe driving especially on highways.
14.) Drive in well health being: It is very important that you are physically and mentally fit while you drive a car. It means the driver should not be distracted, unhappy, fatigue and sleep deprived. Most of the accidents occur due to lack of sleep.
15.) Try learning to anticipate other driver behaviours: The best thing while you drive is to anticipate the behaviour of other drivers. It helps in prevention of becoming victim of accidents or mistakes by other drivers.
16.) Give way to pedestrians at pedestrain crossing.
17.) Be cautious and slow while going in the school zone.
18.) Overtaking in bridges, cutting yellow lines and in junctions can result in head on collision.
19.) Horn only when you must.
20.) Keep to the Left: After you have overtaken a vehicle from the right side move to the left lane and stay there. Do not hog the right lane throughout the journey.
21.) Read the signs: It is very important you read the signs on the road so that you anticipate narrow bridges, zigzag curves, gradients and railway crossings. While driving on a two lane highway when a vehicle coming from the opposite direction flashes his headlights, the driver is asking you to slow down and let him pass. So, slow down and don’t flash your headlights at him instead. Also do not turn your headlights on during dusk.

"Stay Alive – Think and Drive"
-Safety starts with “S”, begins with “You”
-Accidents do not happen, they are caused.
-Do not use cell phone while driving
-Do not mix drinking and driving
-Fast drive could be Last drive
-Ice & Snow – Take it slow
-Donate Blood!! But not on roads!

Finally for ladies we suggest not to drive more than 60 -80 KMPH at night times. Learn the usage of clutch and gear change and smooth brake implementation. The speed is not necessary rather than learning how to slow down and apply brakes suddenly.
#### Gents always be on her left side while driving and keep her in right track.
For More driving tips/rules please read the URL links one time:-

(for Ladies)


New Traffic Rules -fines changed/updated from Aug 2016 in India

New Traffic Rules (i.e. fines changed/updated) from Aug 2016 in India. Please be careful while driving on road.
Hit-And-Run: Hit-and-run compensation will go up significantly to ₹2 lakh from the current ₹25,000.
Drunken driving: The fine for drunken driving will go up to ₹10,000.
Speeding: The bill includes penalties ranging from ₹1000 to ₹4000 for over-speeding.
Road fatality: In case of road fatality, there is a provision of compensation of up to ₹10 lakh.
Underage driving: In case of road offenses by juveniles, the "guardian" or owner of the vehicle will be held responsible with a fine of ₹25,000 with three years imprisonment and cancellation of registration of the vehicle.
Driving without insurance: Driving without insurance will be punishable with a ₹2,000 fine and, or a three-month jail time.
Request everyone to be read the below URL links one time:-

- www.modukuru.com 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

One position at biologics development centre

One position at biologics development centre.
If anyone intrested means please forward your resume by today (10th Aug 2016) Email id - sarath20004@gmail.com

Position:Analyst, Quality control
Educational qualifications: Msc/ Mtech/ Btech - biotechnology/bio chemistry/microbiology. Professional experience: 1-2 years.
Desired profile: minimum 6 months experience in cell culture or biological assay

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Planning to collect old dresses/apparels/attire for poor students (Modukuru village)

Planning to collect old dresses/apparels/attire for students (Modukuru village) who are lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered confortable.

Age 6-19 years (boths boys and girls)

The cloths should not be like tear/hole/damage.
You can pack the old dresses in a parcel cover or bag and courier to us via Navata road transport. They will charge Rs 180 for 40 kgs.
Www.navata.com search your nearby location.

Address to send:-
Annapareddy Shiva Rami Reddy, cell 9246984888
C/O Navata Road Transport
Ganganammapet, Tenali (Post),
Guntur (DT), Andhra Pradesh. PIN -522201

You can contact the below persons:-
In Modukuru-
A Shiva Rami Reddy, cell -9246974888.

In Hyderabad-
Kesari Raja, cell -9959677088 (10:00 AM -03:00 PM)
When you are planning to visit Modukuru means you can carry along with you and handover to us.

"Donate the old cloths and help the poor". This is our first old cloths donation drive.

We are doing something better than nothing.
Your suggestions are welcome.
Everyone can donate, not restricted to modukuru.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Free Solar Training at Hyderabad, T. S

Free Solar Training at Hyderabad, T. S
You will get certificate from NISE.
Its a Suryamithra program by central govt.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Book your train journey tickets for Dasara - Modukuru

Hi All,
Book your train journey up and down tickets for Dasara 2016, Modukuru (i.e  near by stations--Tenali/Guntur...). Now the tickets are open for reservation...

Festival in Modukuru will be on 09th Oct 2016 (Sunday). More details will update later.
This message is only for India location.

We are a bit late to update this !

Thursday, 9 June 2016

It's time to come forward and help the poor students of modukuru

It's time to come forward and help the poor students of modukuru. We have planned each one can donate/contribute 100/- (+/-) per every month. The collected money will be used for poor students/social services/NGO.

Bank details updated:-
ACCOUNT NO: 30382699032                               IFSC Code- SBIN0001965
Cell -9246984888.

(This message is only for Modukuru village people)

Your suggestions are welcome

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Volunteering activity event photos at Vaternity Hospital, Modukuru

Today clean and green  (15th May 16) activity Vaternity Hospital, Modukuru.

By Mr. Annapareddy Shiva Rami Reddy, cell - 9246984888. & team.

Time :08:00 AM onwards.
Thanks to all volunteers...!

"It's our village please keep it clean and green, don't make it desert"

>>Lets do something better than nothing<<

Friday, 13 May 2016

Openings for ITI and diploma students, @ Toyota, Bangalore

Dear frnds...
New Toyota plant will open in Jigni banglore... Openings starts ..
Plz inform to all ITI, and diploma students, this Saturday interview will conduct... ( age must be below 24)

Plz contact corporative HR Soumya..
PH: 9741927426

Big Note: please don't send ur resume to our mail id-moduku.....@gmai...

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Ambati Spandana looking for higher education support -

Ambati Spandana, Modukuru.
She completed her Inter in 2015 with first class..After that she was at home only, due to financial problem she had not joined in Degree. Now if any sponser come forward means she will start her education career.
After her education she can stand on her own...
Now initially she need support.

Her family was very poor and her father expired at her age of 4 years.
she want support for higher education.
3 years of degree....

Contact Mr. Annapareddy Shivarami Reddy, cell 9246984888

>> Lets do something better than nothing<<

It's time for us to move forward with new steps

Hi floks,
It's time for us to move forward with new steps.
1.) Can we plan to deposit Rs 100 /- every month (100 /- amount is not the correct figure, your wish it can be below or above) to an known friends accounts (which the person stays in Modukuru) and that deposited money can used for poor people/students or for some other activites...
2.) Everytime it doesn't look good to ask help for single person. Why can't we collect the money from our friends and move forward? (Please don't ask us to register the name/charity n open an account). Lets talk about what we can as soon as possible. Please don't talk about which are not possible.
3.) To start something initially we need money, without money we can' do anything.
4.) Can take example of Maporru village, how they are doing?
5.) Everyone knows the problems/issues at Modukuru...
5.1.) Why we are not able to get grants from govt. for neeru-chettu program (i.e. to develop our lakes)?
5.2.) Why first mineral water plant (near new water tank) has closed?
5.3.) Why drainage was not maintaining from last 3-4 years?
...and so on....

You please share/update/talk about the major problems. Annapareddy Rami Reddy or me know some issues only....we may not know another problems which you are facing in your street or ward.

Few of friends are doing small small things as much as possible... let them do.

just trying to bring all of village friends at single platform (to share/update issues/ideas/development programs on whats app and Facebook..)

Bank details updated:-
ACCOUNT NO: 30382699032                               IFSC Code- SBIN0001965
Cell -9246984888

>> Lets do something better than nothing<<

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Clean and green activity Vaternity Hospital, Modukuru. 15th May 16

Clean Modukuru:-

We are going to start clean and green Modukuru (Swachh Modukuru)- This coming Sunday (15th May 16) clean and green activity Vaternity Hospital, Modukuru.

"We need volunteers to do this activity".please join us.

Please contact Mr. Annapareddy Shiva Rami Reddy, cell - 9246984888.

Time :08:00 AM onwards.

>>Lets do something better than nothing<<

10th class 2016 results-V. Z. P. High School - Modukuru

10th class 2016 results-
Shaik Razia 9.2 school first
K. Sneha -8.8          "     second
G. Chaitanya -8.3     "    third

Friends, your help needed for Shaik Razia school first student. Her family was very poor, she is looking for higher education financial support (polytechnic). She got 4000 rank in polytechnic.

Her father name Sk.  Mastan Vali -9885390114.

Looking forward for your support.
We will update more details soon..

- V. Z. P. High School, Modukuru.
Writer Vasantha Rao garu - 9652959114

Saturday, 7 May 2016

News update: Emani Foundation Modukuru

Hi All,
Here we want to share about Emani Foundation -Modukuru

Mr. Emani Shiva Kumar Reddy garu (present staying at Nigeria) had given one lakh rupees to Suvarna, Engineering student who studying at Chebrolu Engineering College, Guntur Dt. A. P

Shiva garu transfer 1 lakh amount to Suvarna's SBH S/B account on 4th May 2016.
Two fixed bonds were taken by college principal Appa Rao garu, one bond for one year duration and another bond for two years duration. This amount is for her 3rd and 4th year studies.

Chebrolu Engineering College principal Sri. Dr. Jetti Appa Rao garu, cell 9951222248.

We really appreciate for your support.
Thanks to team "Emani Foundation-Modukuru"

Thanks is not enough, keep supporting the needy and keep inspiring.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

వడదెబ్బ బారిన పడకుండా తీసుకోవలసిన జాగ్రత్తలు (India)

Friday, 29 April 2016

Job-physically challenged graduates @ Cognizant, India

If you know any physically challenged person who have completed graduation and they looking for jobs please inform that Cognizant is conducting interviews for them with a take home salary around 18k per month. So do send their resume to: ankilla.saikiran@cognizant.com

(We don't know the location details, posting is in India only)

Request please forward your resume toankilla.saikiran@cognizant.com only. Please don't forward your resume to modukuru.in@gmail.com...don't register your details in www.modukuru.com website. It is not related to cognizant.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

సీతారాముల పహారురోజుల పండగను (ది.30-04-2016తేదిన) ఊరంతా అన్నసంతర్పణ

మోదుకూరు గ్రామములో సీతారాముల పహారురోజుల పండగను (ది.30-04-2016 తేదిన) ఊరంతా అన్నసంతర్పణతో చేయదలచింది ఆలయ కమిటీ .ఇందుకై విరాళాల కోసము ఈరోజు మైక్ లో చెప్పడం జరిగిన. కావున అందరో ఈ కార్యక్రమును జయప్రదంచేయవలసినదిగా విన్నపము.