Monday, 29 February 2016

Helping needy -Prasana Emani @ Modukuru

Dear Elders, friends and Modukuru FB community,
Greetings from our family. It's almost 10 years ago, my father, Emani Sri Krishna Mohan Reddy left us at a young age with a simple dream and final wish “helping the needy”.  Since then, we constantly strive to fulfill his dream, wish and conducting various activities at different levels.
On the occasion of his 10th anniversary, we are initiating free ration supply every month to the needy at our hometown, Modukuru. My family is coordinating this event. We thought of sharing information to our community members.
P.S: We don’t involve in any political activities and we don’t endorse any of those activities at our village.

Thank you,
Family members- Late. Emani Sri Krishna Mohan Reddy
Prasanna Eemani -Modukuru/US