Wednesday, 11 May 2016

It's time for us to move forward with new steps

Hi floks,
It's time for us to move forward with new steps.
1.) Can we plan to deposit Rs 100 /- every month (100 /- amount is not the correct figure, your wish it can be below or above) to an known friends accounts (which the person stays in Modukuru) and that deposited money can used for poor people/students or for some other activites...
2.) Everytime it doesn't look good to ask help for single person. Why can't we collect the money from our friends and move forward? (Please don't ask us to register the name/charity n open an account). Lets talk about what we can as soon as possible. Please don't talk about which are not possible.
3.) To start something initially we need money, without money we can' do anything.
4.) Can take example of Maporru village, how they are doing?
5.) Everyone knows the problems/issues at Modukuru...
5.1.) Why we are not able to get grants from govt. for neeru-chettu program (i.e. to develop our lakes)?
5.2.) Why first mineral water plant (near new water tank) has closed?
5.3.) Why drainage was not maintaining from last 3-4 years?
...and so on....

You please share/update/talk about the major problems. Annapareddy Rami Reddy or me know some issues only....we may not know another problems which you are facing in your street or ward.

Few of friends are doing small small things as much as possible... let them do.

just trying to bring all of village friends at single platform (to share/update issues/ideas/development programs on whats app and Facebook..)

Bank details updated:-
ACCOUNT NO: 30382699032                               IFSC Code- SBIN0001965
Cell -9246984888

>> Lets do something better than nothing<<