Monday, 29 August 2016

BHEL Recruitment - Hyderabad

Bhel Recruitment . Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Ramachandrapuram, Hyderabad released employment news and invited online applications through careers.bhel.in.As per the notification BHEL – Hyderabad is going recruit 800 Artisan Posts in Heavy Power Equipment Plant located in Ramachandrapuram, HYD. The last date to apply online for these posts is 5th October, 2016/2017-2016.
Artisan : 800 Post
Vacancy Details:
Machinist -245
Turner -164
Fitter -285
Blacksmith -5
Welder -59
Carpenter -5
Electrician -37
Age Limit : 27 years
Qualifications: National Trade Certificate or National Apprenticeship Certificate in the respective trade.
Pay Scale : During the 1 year training period the selected candidates will be paid Rs. 11,000/- as stipend. After successful completion of training they will be absorbed in scale Rs. 11,700 to Rs. 23,000/-
Application Process:
Candidates eligible and desirous can apply online by visitingwww.bhelhyderabad.com or careers.bhel.in on or before 5th October, 2016/2017-2016. Upon online application the system generated acknowledgement slip along with required copies of documents to “The Post Bag No.9, Mukhya Dak Ghar, BHEL RC Puram HE, Hyderabad-502032” so as to reach on or before 12th October, 2016/2017-2016.
1. Commencement of On-line submission of Application -14.09.2016/2017-2016
2. Closing of On-line submission of Applications 05.10.2016/2017-2016
3. Last date for receipt of Acknowledgement Slips along with other documents at BHEL Hyderabad 12.10.2016/2017-2016
4. Last date for receipt of acknowledgement slips from far flung areas at BHEL Hyderabad 17.10.2016/2017-2016
5. Downloading of permission slips from website w.e.f 28.10.2016/2017-2016 onwards
6. Date proposed for Written Test_(Tentative) 10.11.2016/2017-2016

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Dr Reddy's recruitment Drive at Guntur- for Inter completed students

Dr Reddy's recruitment Drive for TTs (10+2) : 01st September '16 ( Thursday) : Hindu College, Guntur, A. P

Friday, 19 August 2016

Guntur looking/calling for Volunteer's

Guntur looking/calling for Volunteer's:-
Those who are staying in Guntur or nearby city, please be a part of this Margam-Guntur volunteering activity.
Let's see clean and green Guntur in future.
Volunteer's like this page and see the contact no and be in touch for future activities.
Note: No money will be paid for volunteers.

www.modukuru.com reached 93,513 total pageviews

We are happy to announce that www.modukuru.com reached 93,513 total pageviews on 20th Aug 2016. We are nearer to reach 1 Lakh.
This website is open to everyone (Modukuru and nearby locations), you can share any update related to village programs/ or Tsunduru Mandal programs/ or any job vacancies/ or any blood requirement/ or educational information/ or share advance technologies.....anything which can be useful to others in our daily life.
Please share/send the information through FB or email - modukuru.in@gmail.com, we will update the information in our website with free of cost.
whats app no +91 9160706070 (Sudhakar Reddy)
(Request:- Please share/send us important and useful information only, please don't send your personal photos or god photos to us, you may have free time- but we are not free to waste our time)
Thanks for your support..!

Congratulations- P V Sindhu for Silver Medal to India Rio Olympics 2016

Golden girl with silver medal 🎖🎖🎖

Congratulations- P V Sindhu for Silver Medal to India 

in Rio Olympics 2016

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is an Indian professional badminton player. She is the first Indian Women to win a Olympic silver medal and is the fifth female Olympic medalist for India.



Thursday, 11 August 2016

Car safety driving rules/tips in India

Car safety driving rules in India
Tips to Help Stay Safe:-
"Check Vehicle condition particularly Brake, Tyre Presssure, Light, Horn Clutch before starting the vehicle for the day."

1.) Always wear your seat-belt
2.) Avoid distractions
3.) Never drive under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
4.) Stick within speed limits and follow the rules
5.) Maintain your car and use it properly
6.) Always look both ways when crossing the road
7.) When starting from parked place watch out, signal and then proceed.
8.) Never drive in haste: People often drive in haste and make mistakes. Drive calmly and try to take less traffic zone, if you think you are getting late.
9.) Fasten seat-belts: Cars have seat belts which should be fastened every time you drive. Seat belts protect you from getting banged on steering wheel or getting jolted from your seat at the time of sudden braking, it helps in saving the passengers during collision.
10.) Use mirrors: Develop habit of using mirror to see traffic coming from behind and sides as well. Find blind spot of your vehicle and make out how to pass other vehicles.
11.) Maintain space between vehicles: Avoid bumper to bumper driving to prevent collisions and close distances makes difficult in changing lanes. Maintain a car length distance; it will prevent banging or collision of the car by sudden braking. Keep your mind open and watch the traffic around you and drive according to the required speed. This will help you in controlling the car due to unexpected behaviour of other drivers.
12.) Maintaining Lane Drive: When you drive stick to right lane as far as possible especially around the curve, this prevents head-on –collisions. Going at the edge of the curve makes possibilities of tyres going off the road. Hence, when you drive maintain correct position of your car by seeing the width of the road and steepness too.
13.) Regular maintenance: Follow maintenance schedule regularly and give special attention to filters, brakes, tyre pressure and suspension. Coolants, level of fluids, lubricants, headlights, taillights, etc. as all these are simple things but helps in safe driving especially on highways.
14.) Drive in well health being: It is very important that you are physically and mentally fit while you drive a car. It means the driver should not be distracted, unhappy, fatigue and sleep deprived. Most of the accidents occur due to lack of sleep.
15.) Try learning to anticipate other driver behaviours: The best thing while you drive is to anticipate the behaviour of other drivers. It helps in prevention of becoming victim of accidents or mistakes by other drivers.
16.) Give way to pedestrians at pedestrain crossing.
17.) Be cautious and slow while going in the school zone.
18.) Overtaking in bridges, cutting yellow lines and in junctions can result in head on collision.
19.) Horn only when you must.
20.) Keep to the Left: After you have overtaken a vehicle from the right side move to the left lane and stay there. Do not hog the right lane throughout the journey.
21.) Read the signs: It is very important you read the signs on the road so that you anticipate narrow bridges, zigzag curves, gradients and railway crossings. While driving on a two lane highway when a vehicle coming from the opposite direction flashes his headlights, the driver is asking you to slow down and let him pass. So, slow down and don’t flash your headlights at him instead. Also do not turn your headlights on during dusk.

"Stay Alive – Think and Drive"
-Safety starts with “S”, begins with “You”
-Accidents do not happen, they are caused.
-Do not use cell phone while driving
-Do not mix drinking and driving
-Fast drive could be Last drive
-Ice & Snow – Take it slow
-Donate Blood!! But not on roads!

Finally for ladies we suggest not to drive more than 60 -80 KMPH at night times. Learn the usage of clutch and gear change and smooth brake implementation. The speed is not necessary rather than learning how to slow down and apply brakes suddenly.
#### Gents always be on her left side while driving and keep her in right track.
For More driving tips/rules please read the URL links one time:-

(for Ladies)


New Traffic Rules -fines changed/updated from Aug 2016 in India

New Traffic Rules (i.e. fines changed/updated) from Aug 2016 in India. Please be careful while driving on road.
Hit-And-Run: Hit-and-run compensation will go up significantly to ₹2 lakh from the current ₹25,000.
Drunken driving: The fine for drunken driving will go up to ₹10,000.
Speeding: The bill includes penalties ranging from ₹1000 to ₹4000 for over-speeding.
Road fatality: In case of road fatality, there is a provision of compensation of up to ₹10 lakh.
Underage driving: In case of road offenses by juveniles, the "guardian" or owner of the vehicle will be held responsible with a fine of ₹25,000 with three years imprisonment and cancellation of registration of the vehicle.
Driving without insurance: Driving without insurance will be punishable with a ₹2,000 fine and, or a three-month jail time.
Request everyone to be read the below URL links one time:-

- www.modukuru.com 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

One position at biologics development centre

One position at biologics development centre.
If anyone intrested means please forward your resume by today (10th Aug 2016) Email id - sarath20004@gmail.com

Position:Analyst, Quality control
Educational qualifications: Msc/ Mtech/ Btech - biotechnology/bio chemistry/microbiology. Professional experience: 1-2 years.
Desired profile: minimum 6 months experience in cell culture or biological assay