Wednesday, 12 April 2017

KAMALAMMA WELFARE ORGANISATION @ Hyderabad looking for help - April 2017

Hi everyone we had visited KAMALAMMA WELFARE ORGANISATION the founder of that org is KAMALAMMA she has nearly 70 years in that org 30 aged people are there when I saw them tears came in my eyes because the situations and problems are maked me cry they have no proper facilities it is too bad.Friends they have a need that they want 4 coolers because even they had no proper fans so who are friends by facebook, sponcers plz we can do this small for them by that they can live their whole life happily and they give a great blessings for us in our lives. This org is in Lalapet, Secunderabad. Who r interested u can join with us in service. Plz friends, donars by ur kind heart kind I think we can do this. Plz who r interested to know the information of other Foundations u call me. 9989504253.