Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Modukuru History book is in progress

"Modukuru History"  book is in progress -
Flok's, one of our village person (Mr.  Revathinandha Chakrala (men) , cell  + 91 9491773277, email writing a book on our Modukuru village. He is collecting our village data.

We are looking 10 active members to form a committee. And finalize the topics to print out/publish in the book.

We required help from you:-
1.) please update history you know,  or ask your grand parents.
2.) we need info about all NRI's. Write bio data yourself and send to us.
3.) Need info about latest developments.

You can send details to him or to us.
Whatsapp -  +91 9959677088

Few more details will update later.

Your suggestions are welcome.