Tuesday, 31 October 2017

A letter to digital India

Respected @narendramodi

Before making India a digital nation by your @OfficialDigitalIndia initiavite first hire skilled people who can make your dream a reality.

We (many IT professionals) trying to help govt schools by collaborating with head Masters off govt schools with the help of NGO to fill the online application forms for NMMS scholarship. Here are ground level issues

Before making online process a mandate one
1. Provides computers in govt schools and other required technical knowledge transfer to operate them(computers are not there, even if they exists no one knows how to operate them in govt schools)
2. Design your applications in such a way that it requires minimal effort to fill the data from any of the electronic device(Filling up data is a rocket science in govt Portals)
3. Train your technical team to adopt new technologies (They are designing worst applications)
4. Hire skilled people for technical teams and helpdesk as well (They donno what they are talking due to lacking of knowledge)
5. Kids don’t have bank accounts, If they go to bank they have to pay minimum amount of 5000 rupess to open account in nationalised banks because it’s hyderabad. LOL!!!! They get yearly scholarship of 6000 they have to deposit 5000 first....The fruits of demonetisation
And list continues....

Here is the national portal for scholorships which has many deadlinks in its home page...these guys donno how to write a funcationality to change password...network issues if you try to retrieve information...navigation leads you to login page again and again...not sure which browser is compatible...tried all browser but no use

Still wondering one thing....if I map my Aadhar to everything these guys are able to secure my data....????

A BIG NO...I lost trust on digital India frankly 👎

#NSP2.0 #WorstAppEver #pmo #https://scholarships.gov.in/ #DigitalIndia #NIC @PMOIndia