Monday, 5 March 2018

Whatsapp group awareness

Whatsapp group awareness:-
Now a day's every whatsapp user maintaining separate separate groups according to there usage.
If group created on:-
1.) Village name group, means you have to update/share village related topics only. You should not update or forward unwanted messages/posts.
2.) Blood group, means you have to post only blood related topics.
3.) Education group, means you have to share education topics only.
4.) on party groups, you have share only party updates.
5.)Jokes group, means you have to share jokes only.
6.) Family group, means you have discuss only family matters.
7.) Friends group, means you can share important information.
8.) Road Safety /Traffic rules awareness, means you should share only road/traffic posts.
But what we are doing?
Simply forwarding unwanted messages in non-related groups, and wasting others time.
Whatsapp గ్రూపులో ఉన్నంత మాత్రాన ఏదో ఓటి పంపాలనే రూలేం లేదు.
We are interested to see some modukuru important posts/updates/news/development updates.
Please post modukuru related topics only in modukuru whatsapp groups.
We don't want to see unwanted posts/ updates like Good Morning/Good Night messages daily.
Don’t add outside people's in village groups.
Let's use Facebook and whatsapp for good cause.
Don't use it for time pass, and don't waste others time.