Monday, 11 February 2019

Needed 1.5 lakhs money from our Modukuru village people to complete the bridge on Tungabhadra canal

Hello Everyone.I am Movva Srinivasareddy of Modukuru. I serving as a lecturer in Loyola college Vijayawada.from last three days , I am in Osmania University attending for South Indian History congress. From 4 pm today,I am returning by Satabahana to Vijayawada.   ..... I wish to bring to the kind attention of patriots of Modukuru that , the new bridge across Tungabadra is ready for start of completion work. Govt has a further sanction of 11. 5 lakhs, it fell short by  1.5 lakh rupees. If we can collectively raise to that  in 5 days time from now, the Govt would call for On line tender. I make a humble appeal to all of us to rise to this occasion. Those of you dear brothers of Modukuru to give a thought to it Thank you ... Have a good day