M S REDDY COLLEGE:-college offering Inter, Degree, PG courses distance education.
Year Of Establishment :1992-1993.

 Inter - M. P. C, B. P. C
 Open university:-  B. A, B. Com, M. A, M. Com, M. B. A, M. Sc (maths)




During pre-independence days, Indians particularly villagers were suffering with literacy, poverty and superstitions and lead their lives in desperate conditions. The intellectuals, humanists, social reformers and philanthropists in the country realized the importance of modern education to eradicate the backwardness of rural masses. According plans were about to start education institutions as many places in India to impart modern education.


The plight of modukuru and surrounding villages in the Guntur District was not different. The philanthropists in the village felt the importance of education to change the life style of the people. In those days for secondary education our villagers had to go to Thuremella, Tenali or Nidubrolu, which are far away from Modukuru. More over there were no proper transport facilities. So the elders of the village decided to start a secondary school to serve the educational needs of the village as well as surrounding villages with the cooperation of the zilla board president Late Sri Pamulapati Venkata Krishnnaiah Chowdary, the local elders Sri Annapareddy Subba Reddy (Ex-Sarpanch), Alla Raghava Reddy, Movva Veera Reddy (Ex-Sarpanch), Alla Venkata Subba Reddy (Ex-Sarpanch), Gade Naga Bhushana Reddy (Ex-sarpanch, Tsundur) and others put Great efforts and started a Secondary school in August 1946. The school was named after the great poet and social reformer YOGI VEMANA as "Vemana Zilla Board High School" which has changed later as Vemana Zilla Parishad High School. For establishing the school, villagers donated money. The Tsunduru village sarpanch contributed Rs 10,000/-(TEN THOUSAND) on behalf of their gram panchayathi with the accsued money the organizers purchased Five (5) acres of land in the village, in which infrastructure facilities would be provided.

On 29-08-1946 at 4P.M. the school was declared open by Late Sri PamulapatiVenkata Krishnaiah Chowdary, Zilla Board president and foundation stone was laid on the same day for construction. Temporary construction started in the acquised land. The school was shifted from temporary building (belongs to Sri Annapareddy Peda Pulla Reddy, A. Venkata Reddy and others) to the new building after three years of its inception.
During this long period the Alma Master produced thousands of students. Some of them stood Merit. Sri Gogireddy Satyanarayana Reddy, who was conferred with "YOUNG SCIENTIST MEDAL” (Presented by President of India), is touch stone. Indeed it is proud to this reputable institution. Some of the old students settled in noble professions-Doctors, Engineers, University, College and School Teachers, Civil Servants, Judges, Lawyers etc. Even the Alumni of the present generation spread allover the world and getting name and fame to this renowned school and Village.


The School is maintaining good record of academic results. As it is offering co-education, sufficient numbers of girl students are getting secondary education every year, in order to support the poor students, financial help is being provided by some of the kind heart people.

At present the school is running smoothing under the leadership of the Headmaster Sri K. Surendra Rao, M.Ed.The teaching staff striving for good results, are doing GAMES AND SPORTS teamwork in harmonious environment. Special coaching is being given to the pupil who is academically backward. Extra classes are conducted to reap better results. The percentage of passes of 10th class is on increase. In current year i.e. 2008-09 our staff is expecting 90% result. The Head master with the help of other teachers is taking special care to develop the personality of the students to achieve this extra curricular activity and cultural activities are being conducted among students. On special occasions the school is inviting some scholars to address the students to draw their attention social and moral aspects.

The school is giving paramount importance to games and sports. There are so many reputed sportsman produced by this institution like Sri Rami Reddy, Sri Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Sri M Sai Ram, Sri V Venkat Reddy, Sri Kondaveti. Vera Sankar Rao (Present Dypt director for S.A.A.P Hyderabad), Sri Gundreddy Bhadri Reddy and others.

Soft ball game is developed as traditional game in this school through the efforts made by physical Education Teachers like Sri N. Narashima Rao, Sri P. Ramaiah, and Sri A. Chimpa Reddy etc.

The recent miraculous result in the game is soft ball kept the name of the school a top in the map of Guntur District.

Some of the amazing results achieved by the players are as follows:

(A) Two All India best players awards. (B) Three All India Gold Medals. (C) Two All India Silver Medals. (D) One All India Bronze Medal. Apart from the above, more than 25 players participate at National Level Tournament. More than 125 players played at State Level Competition. Many Medals were won at District and Zonal Level tournaments. In addition our students won many medals and places in different games and sports events.

Players who won Gold medal in soft ball tournament added another feather in the crown o f this institution and their success at nation level is an ELOQUENT TESTIMONY to the skills, abilities and hard work of their beloved physical education teacher and guide Sri Annapareddy Siva Sankara Jagadeswara Reddy (present PET in this school).


For the post few years with the help of old boys, some developmental activities took place in the school. A new building was constructed with the donations (worth of Rs.200, 000/-) given by NRI Sri Munnangi Pedda Reddy, Sri Alla Appi Reddy, Sri Thiyyagura Hamsaveni and Sri Kolli Srinivasa reddy. Another Rs 50,000/- given by Sri Annapareddy Krishna Reddy (Rtd. Lect) as public contribution to build First floor. Renovation of the old building was taken up with the huge financial help (Rs 200,000/-) was of Dr.E. Srikanth reddy and his brothers Prasanna Kumar Reddy, Vijay Kumar Reddy in memory of their father late Sri E. Srikrishna Mohan Reddy. A Dias (kalavedika) is being constructed by Sri D. Nagesh Babu, CEO, Z.P East Godavari DT An arch and gate is being constructed by Sri K. Surya Prakash Reddy and his son's in the eastern side and another one by Sri Annapareddy Peda Pattabhirami Reddy (Rtd-Post Master) in the western side worth Rs 40,000/- each. Inspite of all these, still our school required some amenities like Dining hall, Cycle shed, playground leveling. However in completion of compound wall, internal roads and Electrification of new building etc, are immediate necessities to be full filled. It is hoped that it enthusiastic donors come forward the above said requirements will be completed soon.

On January 26, 2007, the old student Association of V.Z.PH School, Modukuru was formed to improve the infrastructure facilities to enhance the Educational standards of the students. It is trying its best to achieve its objectives since then. It is a great pleasure to mention that dedicated teachers worked in this school. Some of them won "Best Teacher Awards" at various levels. Some of them are: Sri A. Rama Krishna Rao (H.M- National Best Teacher Award Winner), Sri A. Chimpa Reddy, P.E.T-Best Teacher Award at District level. Sri G. Sambi Reddy, -Best Teacher Award at District level. Sri R. Rusheswara Rao, H.M-best Teacher Award at District level.


The names of those who worked as Head Master in this school
are announced to this.

From 1947 the following personalities worked as H.M's in this institution:-

1. Sri. M. Lakshmi Kantam 14.07.1947 - 31.12.1948.
2. Sri. S.V.Narasimham 01.01.1949 - 23.04.1952.
3. Sri. K. Ramaswamy sarma 24.04.1952 - 31.05.1953.
4. Sri. M.Ramakotaiah 01.06.1953 - 29.06.1954.
5. Sri. J.L Hanumantha Rao 30.06.1954 - 08.09.1954.
6. Sri. P.V. Suryanarayana 15.09.1954 - 17.08.1955.
7. Sri. S.V. Narasimham 19.08.1955 - ----------.
8. Sri. M. Sitha Rami Reddy ---------- - 16.06.1959.
9. Sri. S.V. Chalapathi Rao 17.06.1959 - 17.07.1962.
10. Sri. S.V. Narasimham 18.07.1962 - 17.09.1964.
11. Sri. M. madhava Rao 18.09.1964 - 24.09.1964.
12. Sri. S.V. Narasimham 25.09.1964 - 23.06.1971.
13. Sri. A.M.M.Krishna Murthy 03.07.1971 - 24.07.1972.
14. Sri. R.G. Krishna Murthy 25.07.1972 - 26.12.1973.
15. Sri. M.RamaKrishna Rao 27.12.1973 - 16.06.1975.
16. Sri. S.S. Prasad Rao 17.06.1975 - 14.09.1977.
17. Sri. Y.Krishna Murthy 22.09.1977 - 31.07.1978.
18. Sri. M. Purna Reddy (FAC) 01.08.1978 - 05.12.1978.
19. Sri. P.K. Prabhakar Sastiry 06.12.1978 - 23.04.1980.
20. Sri. M.Purna Reddy (FAC) 24.04.1980 - 17.08.1980.
21. Sri. P. Ranga Nayakulu 18.08.1980 - 07.07.1982.
22. Sri. K.K.R. Krishna Murthy . 08.07.1982 - 31.08.1991
. 23. Sri. R. Rusheswara Rao 04.09.1991 - 30.06.1997.
24. Sri. D.S.M. Samba Siva Rao(FAC) 01.07.1997 - 30.12.1997.
25. Sri. P. Hanumantha rao 31.12.1997 - 30.09.2000.
26. Sri. K. Muralidhara Rao(IC) 01.01.2001 - 26.03.2001.
27. Sri. V. Bhaskara Rao 27.03.2001 - 24.09.2001.
28. Sri. G. Pattabhi Ramaiah 25.04.2001 - 18.08.2005.
29. Sri. K.Surendra Rao 19.08.2005 - 1 -5-2010
30.K. Venkat Reddy(F.A.C) - 1-6-2010 - to - 23- 6-2010
31.K. Muralidhar Rao 24-6-2010 -to - still date

10th CLASS TOPPER FROM 1969-70 TO 2016:-

1969-70 R. Samba Siva Rao - 373.
1970-71 A. Venkateswara Rao - 369.
1971-72 A. Siva Koti Reddy - 416.
1972-73 M. Sambi Reddy - 411.
1973-74 B. Subba Reddy - 475.
1974-75 K. China Venkateswarlu - 420.
1975-76 V. Venkata Reddy - 419.
1976-77 M. Sainatha Reddy - 477.
1977-78 SK. Khada Mohiddin - 382.
1978-79 N.Udaya - 485.
1979-80 N. Srinivasa Rao - 451.
1980-81 G.Venkata Reddy - 455.
1981-82 M.Srinivas Reddy - 443.
1982-83 K. Siva Rami Reddy - 440.
1983-84 D. Srinivasa Rao - 452.
1984-85 T. Madhavi Latha - 474.
1985-86 B. Manohari - 450.
1986-87 P.V.S.M. Hara Gopal - 464.
1987-88 T. Maruthi Kishore - 495.
1988-89 K. Rama Koti Reddy - 477.
1989-90 P. Lakshmi Renuka - 436.
1990-91 M. Lakshmi Saritha - 466.
1991-92 B. Srilatha Kumari - 435.
1992-93 K. M.Krishna Reddy - 483.
1993-94 M. Nagamani - 503.
1994-95 K. Venkateswarlu - 511.
1995-96 K. Sridhar Kumar - 508.
1996-97 T. Naga Lakshmi&K.Rajani - 485.
1997-98 M.Venta Rao - 418.
1998-99 Ch. Seshagiri Rao - 439.
1999-00 A. Lakshmi Sowjanya - 487.
2000-01 T. Sirisha Kumari - 506.
2001-02 M. Kalyani - 528.
2002-03 B. Saratchand - 524.
2003-04 V. Lakshmi Mrudula - 535.
2004-05 M. Naga Vanaja - 526.
2005-06 R. Prathusha - 543.
2006-07 K. Bhargavi - 545.
2007-08 B. Yashoda - 549.
2008 -09 - M. Srikanth - 534
2009 -10 - A. Monika - 558
2010 -11 - L. Vijaya Kumar - 526

10th class toppers

2011-12 Kolli Chandana Sai 9.2
2011-12 Surisetty Naga Lakshmi 9.2

2012-13 P. Riyajunnisa 9.5 (TM)
2012-13 Y. Gayatri 9.2 (EM)

2013-14 G. Ramya Sri 9.5 (EM)
2013 -14 K. Tirumala Nayak 9.3 (TM)

2015 batch 100% pass 
1st - G. Naga Maruthi Kumari 9.8 (EM) 
2nd - T. Bhargavi Naga Sai 9.3 (EM) 
3rd - M. Chandrika 9.2 (EM)
Shaik Razia 9.2 school first
K. Sneha -8.8 second
G. Chaitanya -8.3 third