In Our Indian Culture people workship the women’s in different name of Lordess.

Some of the Lordess is very famous and called and worshipped by the people as Grama Devatas.
In Modukuru Village also the people wo
rshiped Lordess Kanakadurga , 
Inspite of having many temples of various gods the people of the village 
give more priority to Lordess Kanaka Durga,
They workship kanaka d
urga devi with great devotional.
The Kanaka Durga Devi Temple was constructed 250 years ago,
1st the kanakadurga Devi statue was founded in Kandapadu, 
which was one of the parts of the village latter she was shifted to the village.
The village peoples devotionally worship lordess Kanakadurga Devi festival in the name of 
Devi Navaratullu (Dussara festival). 
The People of the village in all over the country will come to village during Devi Navaratullu 
and worship Lord Kanakadurga Devi.
The Villagers formed into a committee and organized cultural programmes and devotional dramas during the Dussara.
In 1958 the village People decides to reconstruct or remodelised the status of Kanakadurga Devi and the temple also .
All the Peoples of the village participate in this activity with great devotional and helped the Committee peoples
for the development of the temple.
From that year onward the head of the villa
ge formed an organization or Committee.
Under the Leadership of this Committee they people of village celebrates the Devi navaratullu with 
great devotionally worship lordess Kanakadurga Devi. During this Devi Navaraturullu the Lordess Kanakadurga Devi was worshipped in different names.
Last Day of the Devi Navaraturullu peoples of the village give rice to Durga Devi that formed into Kumbham. 
It is a major Event in the Devinavaratullu .After this event the priest of the temple close the door for the 9 days. 

Their was a spiritual belives by the villagers that Lordess kanakadurga will offer or feed for her 1000 sisters. 
After the 9 days the temple doors was opened by the priest and celebrates the day as the Turugadepavalli, 
the people worship the devata with the great devotional on that day.

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