Modukuru Village was in Guntur District, Tenali Taluka, Tsunduru Madal. Before 1859 there was no Guntur District, at that time the village was in Krishna District. Before it the Village was in Satinapally Taluku in Kondavedu sema under Leadership Golukonda Kings (Navabullu).
They divide Kondavedu sema into 14 Samuttulu , the Modukuru village was in the 7th Samethi known as Ponnur.
Before the Golukonda Kings many of the Hindu rulers ruled this Village.

As per modukuru historical Statement the village was a forest with full of Modugu trees. One day a trader who was sleeping under a tree in night, he got a dream- In that dream, Lord Veerabhadara Swami said to the Trader to construct Village and temple for him in this place. The Trader cut off all the Modugu trees and constructed villages and named as “Modukuru”.

The village was formed on the bank of Ireru River, Ireru river known called as “Tungabhadra canal”. This River is before B.C 1235. The Village was called as Morakuru by the Alexander Re in this book “Archaeology survey of India “.
 He wrote mainly about Kadapadu deba, The Village is called as Modupuru in Madras Kingdom, but village is called as Modukuru during regime of Kakatiyas, Kondaveti Seema, Golukonda Kings and Mr. Boron Lord a British Historical also the village name as Modukuru in his Books, 
From 12th Century onwards the village is calling as Modukuru only.

Correctly we cannot identify when Village was formed with some historical records the Village was formed before B.C 302.
 As per Historical Records the Village was also ruled by some of the Reddy Kings.
After Kakatiya Kingdom, the Reddy Kings started their government from 1323. These King’s rule the Country from the Kondaveti Seema. During their regime they spread their Kingdom into 14 times. During their regime the People were treated very well and the people were very happy in the Reddy regime.

The Kings treated the pandits very well; Anna Vema Reddy King was very famous among the Reddy Kings. During his Regime he spread the kingdom towards Rajahmundry, towards Kanchi and towards Sreesailam.
In this Village every year the Reddy Community people and the other community people worship “Yogi Vamana” with great devotional.